Has this happened to you?

· A “friend who knows all about computers” tried to fix a problem for you and now nothing works?

· A help desk technician said that you have to reinstall Windows to fix your problem? This is almost always unnecessary! Here’s why...

· You brought your computer to a computer chain store that kept it for weeks, overcharged , and didn’t solve the problem?

· Your computer is crashing, running slower, or giving incomprehensible error messages?

· You bought a new hard drive (CD ROM burner, digital camera, etc.) and can‘t get it to work

Expert PC Services and Repair

Professional Service at Reasonable Prices

for Business and Home

Support Plans and Fast Emergency Service

for North Jersey Businesses

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 Services Include

· Hardware: Repair, Installation, Upgrades (memory, disk drives, CD ROM burners, etc. ), Data Recovery

· Networking — wired and wireless.

· Virus recovery, Malware Removal, Security Services

· Software: Installation, Configuration, Upgrades.

· PC Tune-Up: Stop crashes / improve performance

· Broadband (cable, DSL) installations

And much more...

GTS Computer Service

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